Ramblings of an Aging Artisan…

Over the past couple of years I’ve received e-mails and phone calls asking me questions about not only Dry Creek’s furniture, but also questions about building techniques and even just about myself.  

 As a result, I’ll be taking some time in the future to post a little of both – personal and how-to tips so we can better get to know one another. I would love to hear about any specific things you are wondering about as well, so just leave a comment and we’ll start a conversation.

 As you probably already learned from reading our “about us” section. Dry Creek was birthed out of an unexpected tragedy for our family. In May of 2005, a wildfire ripped through the forests of western Wisconsin and consumed our cottage and all of its contents. The cottage was much more than a vacation destination – it had a rich history of its own that spanned more than a hundred years before it entered our lives forty years ago.

 I wrote the following account a few weeks after that fateful day. Maybe it will give you a little insight into why this land and as a result this craft is so special to me.  May this be only the first of many stories we share together…     

  Transitions…  Continue reading

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